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Visiting Students

Information for Visiting Students

The University of Texas at Arlington is a great place to take classes. As the most comprehensive university in North Texas we offer top classes at all levels that will transfer to any other regionally accredited university.

Whenever you're away from your home institution, whether it's for the summer or an externship semester, taking classes at UT Arlington will help keep you on track towards graduation.

Visiting Students

A transient or visiting student enrolls at UT Arlington on a temporary basis (one non-consecutive semester at a time) to complete coursework they will transfer back to their home institution.

A transient student must show evidence of good academic standing at his or her home institution. A student may not enroll as a transient student for 2 consecutive semesters.

To be considered for admission to UT Arlington, transient students must

  • Thoroughly complete an application form (essay questions are not required).
  • Include the non-refundable application fee (we only accept checks, money orders, or credit cards). The application fee is $60 for Summer and Fall 2018 and $75 for Spring 2019 onward.
  • Request that an official transcript, official grade report, or letter from the Registrar's Office of your home school showing evidence of good academic standing be sent directly to the UT Arlington Office of Admissions, Records & Registration.

    NOTE: Grade reports and letters of good standing will not satisfy Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements for enrollment purposes. In order to enroll in courses at UT Arlington, you must prove TSI status or receive a 1-semester TSI exemption by supplying an official transcript from your home institution showing enrollment in good standing for the most recent long semester.

Transient students are not eligible for financial aid.

We encourage you to apply by the preferred application deadline date or as soon thereafter as possible. Application processing requires time to evaluate credentials, address TSI issues and review data.

Submitting credentials significantly past the preferred deadline date may impede your eligibility to register for classes.

For more detailed information, please see the Transient Admissions section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

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